Posted by: p-la | August 10, 2011

Ugh…double Ugh…

I have been around I promise. Squid has been sick since Sunday so things have been pretty quiet. He seemed almost back to his normal self today which meant of course something had to happen, right? Bloody nose while I was cooking supper. He’s so used to these that he laid on the floor with a tissue in one hand on his nose and an ice pack in the other while I finished cooking. The good news is this was the first full meal he has eaten since Friday. Be back soon with a knitting post and picture!


  1. Poor Squid!! Hope he feels better and that things go a smidge smoother for you. Sending virtual stalker hugs!

  2. Poor Squid. I’m glad he’s doing better. Gotta keep them fingers away from that nose!! Ha ha. Did you at least get some quality snuggle time while he was feeling poor?

  3. Henry used to get terrible nosebleeds all the time, but then we had a 5 minute in office procedure to cauterize a vein- life became 200% better for all of us after that…

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