Posted by: p-la | August 17, 2011

Slipped away…

The Squid and I went to my Mom’s for a little getaway before school started. Now we are home and adjusting our sleep times and schedules back to school time. Hopefully come Monday morning we will both be ready!

I’d like to take a minute and talk about my son and my dad. Yesterday was the third anniversary of my father’s death. My dad died when my son was 3. When The Squid was born my dad’s life completely changed. It was like he had been waiting 67 years for that single moment. Every little thing my son did my dad was more proud than if I had single handedly cured cancer while balancing the budget. I would call my dad and say some silly little thing about his grandson and it would spread through the San Antonio golfing world quicker than wildfire. At my dad’s funeral so many men came up to me and shared some story my dad had shared with them about The Squid. A couple of months before my dad died my son was diagnosed with Autism. The month my dad died was the first month The Squid started ABA therapy. When I think of how much my son has progressed in the last three years and how much my dad has missed well, it breaks my heart. I know my dad would be swelling with pride over each of The Squid’s accomplishments. It was difficult being at my mom’s house this past week because I was constantly reminded of how much my dad would have enjoyed our visit and the things he would have done with his grandson. I am sad that The Squid will not know what a great granddad he would have had.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share that. I promise I will be back to knitting and a pretty picture very soon!



  1. It is left up to you to let Squid know how proud his grandpa would be and how much he loved the Squid. Although some family members are gone, their presence is still noted and needed.

    Also, I hate you for making me cry!

  2. We should be thanking you for sharing that story. And NanC is right (Hi NanC!!), it’s up to you to tell the stories of your dad to the Squid so he’ll feel like he knows him, at least in part.

    Chin up, sweetie!! ❤

  3. your dad would be so proud of Squid and how much he’s done in the last 3 years. he loved that little boy so much 🙂

    NanC’s right…you, your mom and brother will be the one to tell him what a great granddaddy your dad was. He’ll understand and feel his love too. 🙂

  4. ::sniff:: hugs!

  5. Everyone is right, you will let the squid know how awesome your dad was. Hugs to you.

  6. just reading your words tells me what a lovely person you are…Dad’s are so precious, mine died aged 57 in 1987, he never met my youngest child…I miss him every day. Your Dad sounded so proud of your son, what a lovely memory for you to keep xox

  7. I would also like to say, that while your dad was always insanely proud of the squid, he would also be proud of you. The time and efforts you have put into making sure the squid gets all the advantages and therapy that have aided in his progression are amazing. You are amazing. Your baby is not a squid without and ocean.

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