Posted by: p-la | September 21, 2011


IMG_1281 by purlingpirate
IMG_1281, a photo by purlingpirate on Flickr.

This has been a miserable week. I did something wacky to my knee last week and am STILL out for the count. I’m not a happy camper.

On a brighter note, October is soon upon us! Many knitters will be casting on for Socktober and I won’t be any different. I gathered my posse of local knit girls and we decided to do Knitober. (Not all the girls want to do socks and we don’t want to discriminate.) Rules are simple, cast something on around October 1st and finish up by the 31st.
I haven’t knit a pair of socks in forever and decided now is the time. I’m hoping with a deadline I might actually complete a pair and not add to my sack of single sock syndrome socks! I dug through the stash and picked out this appropriately coloured Halloweeny themed yarn!! Woot! Anyone else out there participating in an October knit project??



  1. ooh – I like this yarn! Simple and perfect for spooky socks. Now I’m all curious about what patterns you’re looking at.

    I’m not certain if I’ll be doing a cowl or a baby sweater for Knitober, but I’m in!

  2. I’m sorry that your knee is still bugging you. Nice colour for Oct. Fingers crossed that you get both socks knit.

  3. challenge accepted. 🙂

  4. Love the yarn and I will be joining you for knitting in the month of the pumpkin.

  5. I hope your knee feels better ASAP! I’m awaiting my october Cookie A club shipment- those will be my socktober socks…yum. Enjoy your halloween yarn.

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