Posted by: p-la | October 5, 2011

Oh yeah!!

Now I remember!! I remember exactly why I quit knitting socks. Why I have bags and bags of socks unfinished on the needles.

I love knitting the cuff. It’s exciting!! Casting on!! New yarn! New sock! New project!!! Then there is the magic of the heel.  Heel turn, wheeeee!! I even enjoy the gusset decreases, all those k2togs and ssks. And then there is the foot. Dang that foot. Just miles and miles of knitting with the toe nowhere in sight. I have big feet. Loooong feet. Size 11 feet.




  1. aww…sorry you have big feet! Mind you, I’ve not knitted socks for a while, got some on the needles though..

  2. send them over…boring straight knitting is my favorite!!!!!! I m the most boring knitter on the face of this Earth

  3. You poor thing! At least you’re not knitting for mens 13 feet.

  4. You are approaching this all wrong, this is the miracle mile, the last sprint before the finish. I like to try to guess how many stripes it will take to complete. I love the foot. You are almost there.

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